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Video Marketing Services

Professional Videos and Display Ads for Your Local Business Video Marketing Needs

5 Proven Video Marketing Services That Help You Win Customers, Generate Sales, and Expand to New Markets

As of today, 87% of successful businesses use video marketing as the main tool to market their products or services. The majority of business owners and CEOs admit their unprecedented success comes from running well-crafted video advertising campaigns.

Have you ever thought about the differences between a six-figure business and the one that hardly earns a penny? Why one startup becomes extremely successful while the other stays out of sight of potential prospects?

The answer is simple.

Unsuccessful businesses fail at what should be their main strategic goal: new, up-to-date approaches to win the attention of modern consumers.

A person who is exposed to dozens of ads on a daily basis needs to be persuaded. They need to be engaged. However, there is a trick to making such a customer buy your products — something they can’t resist. And, if you’re struggling to sell your products or services, chances are you are missing this very thing…

Visual communication.

Since the advent of the first TV set, people have been captivated by visual media.

Today, they are so inclined to experience things visually that a simple trick of using a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% alone.

That’s why Manifest Marketing is committed to fueling your advertising campaigns with first-rate video marketing services. We create simply stunning videos that engage modern customers and put your brand in the spotlight.

Text Story Telling Videos


Capture the attention of your future customers by strategically placing text storytelling videos on your webpage or social media feed. Such videos immediately grab your audience’s attention, allowing them to learn about your products or services in a fun and entertaining manner, making them stay on your website longer, and ultimately converting them into buyers.

Branding Videos

Branding is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Not only does it help you to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customer, but also it saves you from spending tons of money on SEO and paid internet advertising in the long run. Here at Manifest Marketing, we tailor videos specifically for your needs and your segment of the market to achieve the best possible results.

Display Ad Marketing: Image and Video

Titans of old school marketing could only have dreamed of the possibilities their adherents have today. The old tactics combined with advanced technologies gave birth to display ad marketing: an ever-present form of advertising remaining to be the most frequently used and necessary method of acquiring new consumers. In the competitive environment of today, running professionally created ads is more important than ever. Otherwise, you can’t sustain the competition.


Motivate potential customers to buy your product by running an inspirational video campaign.

Express yourself the way you want to, inject positive emotions into the minds of your prospects, and eventually, you will succeed. People buy on emotions, and we have the required technology and expertise to help you weave them into your videos professionally.

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Manifest Marketing provides engaging, informative videos to help you build your brand and make more sales.