How many calls from new customers will it take to increase your bottom line? We'll handle the leads, you run your business!
Lead Generation brings customers direct to you
We'll keep track of all the leads we send to you, find out your percentage of calls to sales.
Call Tracking

Sending leads to your business may not matter much if the customer doesn't trust you. Your reputation plays a key roll in your business.

Online Reputation

Results  Guaranteed

We can assure you our leads are looking for your services. Many companies provide leads not worthy of your services.

Only Pay For Real Leads

With Manifest Marketing, you only pay for real leads from your local area. Meaning phone calls and actual business, not some random visitor from a website.


Real-Time Calls Dashboard

See who called, when, and what transpired. This is a great way to monitor how your sales staff is selling your service.

Professional SEO services

We Appear On the Front Page of Google!

We take care of building, ranking, maintaining, and sending traffic to our high  converting websites.

Even when it comes to highly competitive markets.



All you do is continue to run your business like normal!





We connect with pre-qualified customers

You save time and money & only pay for results

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team